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Download yvProxyCacheMan  v.3.0.10, freeware (205k) Download yvProxyCacheMan v.2.1.20, freeware (415k)   Simtel.Net download page
v.2.1 , last changed: June 22, 2001

Short description

Inspect WEB cache of your proxy server!

First, you can perform thorough search through the cache to get the list of found items. This search uses multiple select criteria, including full text search and search by URL.

Next you can inspect found items one by one or you can save or delete them all together.

You can view cached file attributes, open it with your browser with a double-click (or right mouse button), or even delete it from cache.

You can also instruct yvProxyCacheMan to store all (or only one) found files in a single directory or in the directory tree structure, that replicates directory structure of WEB sites, that you visited. This is very helpful feature for downloading WEB sites or some parts of them. I found it to be more convenient and reliable, than specialized site downloading tools.

Supported proxy servers:
1. WinProxy 1.4 or 1.5 (
2. WinGate 4 (

Platform: Windows95,98,NT,2000

Program settings are stored in the yvProxyCacheMan.ini file.

How to Search?

For example, after surfing for awhile, you want to know: "What exactly sites I've visited? What pages/scripts/images I've downloaded? What the trick was on that page?". No problem!
1. Leave all filter fields blank except "Retrieved maximum" and set "1" hours (select "hours" from the drop-down list). 
2. Check "Save Tree" box (so every found item would be immediately saved)
3. Maybe you need to type new "Temp directory" path to store these results, you may type something like "C:\Temp\9\" - this directory will be created for You, if it doesn't exists yet.
4. Click "Go!" button and wait till you see Message "OK!..."
5. Open Your "File Manager" (e.g. standard "Windows Explorer" or "Windows Commander")  and explore results: files and folders inside that "Temp directory". Or you may scroll list of results, point to desired item, press right mouse button and select some option (e.g. "Open Local Copy").


List with results currently shows only first 500 found items, but ALL found items where saved to your "Temp directory".

The program stores last 40 values of each search criterion for quick future usage.

Sample Screen


1. Download ZIP-archive of the program and unZIP it to any temporary directory. There is only one file inside the ZIP-archive: yvProxyCacheMan.msi

2. The yvProxyCacheMan.msi  is the "Windows Installer Package" (file with .msi extension), that is being installed automatically. To start installation process you need to launch this .msi file. If the .msi doesn't start, this mean that you don't have Windows Installer program.
You may download "Windows Installer Redistributable" from these pages, depending on your operating system:
Windows Installer Redistributable for Windows 9x.. , Windows Installer Redistributable for Windows NT 4.0.

3. If you installed the yvProxyCacheMan and it doesn't work, maybe you need to download these files from the Internet:

The license

Freeware, i.e. at no cost.

The program is distributed "as is", without any warranties explicit or implied.

(c)1999-2001 Yuri Volkov, Moscow, Russia