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Yuri Olgerdovich Volkov

Yuri Volkov

Business Applications Architect and Developer

yvolk@yurivolkov.com ; Moscow, Russia


Freeware and Open source programs

Android - Free Software for the Free Platform. (AndStatus ...) (2017)
yvExtensions - free extensions for Joomla! (yvComment, yvSmiley, yvBBCode, yvTransliterate ...) (2013)
yvReminder - Multilingual birthday reminder, that uses MS Outlook Express Address Book (or Contacts of MS Outlook) (2007)
yvExtensions for Joomla! yvProxyCacheMan - Inspect WEB cache of your proxy server (2001)
FixFonts - Eliminate many problems with non-English letters (1999)
Give something back - Donate Free Software development

Information Technology articles

Some of my articles, mainly in Russian press. (2007)

Programming tips

VB Tips - VB (and VBA) tips and sample applications with source code. (2003)

Traveler stories

Stories about our trips (in Russian): to Abkhazia and Bulgaria (2012), Italy and Philippines (2011), Croatia (2010), Kenia and Crete (2009), Sumatra (Indonezia)(2008), Black Sea coast of the Caucasus (2007), Poland (2006), Thailand and Malaysia (2006), Czech Republic (2005), Greece (2004) and Montenegro (2002).

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