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Freeware and Open source programs

Android - Free Software for the Free Platform. (AndStatus ...) (2017)
Give something back - Donate Free Software development
yvExtensions - free extensions for Joomla! (yvComment, yvSmiley, yvBBCode, yvTransliterate ...) (2013)
yvReminder - Multilingual birthday reminder, that uses MS Outlook Express Address Book (or Contacts of MS Outlook) (2007)
yvExtensions for Joomla! yvProxyCacheMan - Inspect WEB cache of your proxy server (2001)
FixFonts - Eliminate many problems with non-English letters (1999)

Information Technology articles

Some of my articles, mainly in Russian press. (2007)

Programming tips

VB Tips - VB (and VBA) tips and sample applications with source code. (2003)

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